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concrete settee in a different light...and a green roof update..


By sandra


What a lovely week of weather we have had. With the longer days we have found time to use the fire pit.

We have been busy all week and it was nice to kick back for an hour.

Love the way this guy changes his hair colour to suit the seasons..:-)

After a few years renting out yurts to holiday makers we decided it wasn’t for us and have decided to use the area at the top of the garden to build a shelter for the larger of our succulents. As hubby has a few days off he is getting on with it.

Blod is checking his work!!!!

The top of the building has a green roof. Having never done this before it’s been a learning curve. Its now had a full year and is starting to fill out. We were shocked by how much soil is needed to cover it and have been using it as a compost bin for the last twelve months.

We are hoping the plants will grow over the edges in time. The succulents seem to be loving life up there.
Thanks for reading…:-)

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Very ingenious and clever project.

10 Apr, 2015


Thanks Snoop ... The people that came to the yurts were all really lovely Snoop. But it became too much for me to do in the spring getting ready with the nursery aswell...something had to give. There was also a water issue as we feed off a well which slows in august. It was gobsmaking how much water the guests were using at a time when I need every drop for my plants. Its lovely to have the space back and a new green house too.

Glad you like it BG.

10 Apr, 2015


Think the green roof is an excellent idea, In France we overlook a building of about an acre, with a green roof of grasses, sempervivums and now wild seeds are blowing in. Think of the amount of soil that must have taken!
Ps like blob, oh! sorry Blod!

11 Apr, 2015


The fire pit is brilliant Sandra. I do like your 'green' roof. What a great idea. Good luck with it.

11 Apr, 2015


exactly Snoop..
Blod our spoilt one that roof look great. Its going to be interesting to see what survives up there.
thanks Waddy..:-)

11 Apr, 2015


Well done on your project Sandra and Sandra's hubbie, very exciting and I will nick the fire pit idea one time. Love the idea of a green roof, hope its proprly reinforced as hear they can be tremendously heavy. Have so often got into trouble for doing garden burning, think I know the etiquette now, don't get caught and don't do it while people have their washing on line and don't do it on weekends or daylight hours or when the neighbours are crabby with you about something else (have I got it all covered?) but not sure what the law is on it.

12 Apr, 2015


luckily for me i have no near neighbours to hubby is sure its strong enough as you say its a heavy load its carrying. I have done a few blogs on the building of the fire pit/concrete settee Taurman.

12 Apr, 2015

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