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Christmas Day with our girls !


No television and no iPads on the go ! What a lovely day we had. All of us having a sing song !
I hope you all had a lovely Christmas too !

Oops ! Did I say no iPads ! Well, I don’t suppose they could resist when it was a Christmas Present !

So, guess what I got for Christmas then ! Hahaa!
Happy New Year everyone. xxx

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Hi Rose ..
Lovely happy pics. ..
looks like you all had a wonderful time :o) x

30 Dec, 2013


Hi Rose..what great photo's,and your elder Grandaughter had the same Santa sack as Thomas! ..all the best shops had them :o) I can just see Rick smiling away in the corner..hope he was in good voice .Lol..and that's a great photo of you..lovely hat and scarf too :o)A very Happy New year to you

30 Dec, 2013


Hello Rose, I am home safe and sound at last and how lovely to see your beautiful pictures showing a very happy scene.

You must have loved your time together and I look forward to hearing all about it soon!

30 Dec, 2013


Thanks Terra , we did ! I hope you enjoyed your Christmas too ! xxx

Hello Sandra. Thanks for the compliments ! The hat was bought for me by my daughter and the scarf along with matching gloves from Elizabeth ( Libet ). Rick was too busy laughing to sing ! xxx

Hello Chris, nice to have you back ! I hope your Mum is much better now ! I'll be in touch soon. I hope you enjoyed your time with those lovely boys ! xxx

30 Dec, 2013


What a good time you all had .
No more cold heads for you anyway , Rose .

30 Dec, 2013


Looks good, Rose! Glad you had a good time. Happy New Year!

30 Dec, 2013


Happy New Year Rose!

30 Dec, 2013


Brilliant ... our TV barely went on over Christmas ... lots of laughs the old-fashioned way! Hang on to your hat in this windy weather ... happy new year to you all ... :o)

30 Dec, 2013


Lovely family pictures Rose - plenty fun being had!
Have a good New Year!

30 Dec, 2013


we took the girls over the Humber bridge for a long walk on Boxing day to get everyone off the computers/ipads etc. it was a lovely walk and cleared a few cobwebs too.
glad you had a lovely day 'en famile'

30 Dec, 2013


Happy new year to you and your happy family Rose.

31 Dec, 2013


Happy New Year Rose ! :o)

What's an iPad ?

31 Dec, 2013


Lovely family photo's Rose and you look really cosy in the hat and scarf..
Happy New Year to you and all your family. xx.

31 Dec, 2013


Thanks Driad, Mel and Steragram. Have a great night whatever you're doing !

Thanks Shirley. I wouldn't like to lose THIS hat !

Thanks Scottish, Seaburngirl and Scotsgran.

Thank you Hywel. I think an iPad is a type of computer , but you can take pictures and do all sorts of things on it . I'm not really into things like this either !

Thank you Sue. I feel nice and cosy in them !

Thank you all once again , especially those who have given me support when I needed it. xxx

31 Dec, 2013


Happy New Year Rose to you and yours. Hope it continues to be a good one for you all.

I am just trying to catch up, have been busy with family over Christmas and got a horrible throat/chest infection, which is still hanging around. I am beginning to feel better though so thought I would do a little catching up before I went off to do some shopping.

Had a lovely Christmas and lots of visiting and twoing and frowing to family and eating and sitting and knitting and sitting in front of the fire lol. Must get out more now it is nice and mild and I need to finish off my big border and get out all the debris before the bulbs start flowering. :O) B

6 Jan, 2014


Thanks Barbara. I'm thinking of getting my paints out again ! There's only so much t.v. you can watch ! Its lovely and sunny here today , but not much for me to do in the garden at the moment ! Take care and keep knitting ! Hahaa! xxx

8 Jan, 2014


I wish I could paint, keep thinking of having a go but not sure what or which paints or if it would just be another venture that turns to be a waste of time for me. Think I shall stick to the knitting at least I can sit in front of the fire while clicking the needles. lol. Lovely and bright this morning here too, spent a while out there today doing a bit of sweeping and picking up of some leaves, looks good now. Certainly cheered me up too, good to be back into the garden even if it was only for a little while. Need more sunshine it has gone again now and clouded over, think rain is in the air. x B

8 Jan, 2014


Sunshine again today Barbara ! It certainly cheers us up, doesn't it and we are so lucky compared to the rest of the country, not to mention the freezing conditions in America!

8 Jan, 2014


Certainly is good for us Rose, thank goodness we are drier than most places in the country. Although it is teeming it down at the minute out there and quite blustery. :O(

8 Jan, 2014

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