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Fuschias for Hywel


I find it easier to show pictures on a blog. After years and years of not being interested in Fuschias, looking at your photos Hywel has encouraged me to start growing them unfortunately I have no names as I bought a mixed batch of hardy fuschias from a local nursery.Perhaps you might be able to name them.

Unfortunately this last one kept coming out white, but its pink!

I thought I would just show my Inula if you are looking Scotsgran. Its only a small one though compared to yours!

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You have a brilliant idea Rose, Fuschias is one of the beautiful flower:-))))

16 Sep, 2012


What would we do without members like him Rose ?? LOL..

16 Sep, 2012


I'm glad to have inspired you Rose :o)
I didn't like fuchsias at one time, but started collecting them after Beryl came home from work one day, with a few cuttings . She said one of her colleagues was selling them to make some money lol

There are thousands of varieties, and many are similar, so identifying them can sometimes be difficult.
The first one looks like Snowfire, which isn't hardy.
The second is Shrimp Cocktail
Third one could be Lady Thumb, Alice Hoffman, Snowcap ... not sure.
4th one - Display ? if it's all pink ...

I hope they last the winter for you :o)

16 Sep, 2012


That first one is a stunning colour combo. My camera is not good on white either. I try to photograph white when there is no sun at all. Your Inula looks much more of a sensible size for a border. The leaves are very different from mine. They look more like the Helenium I have in the garden. I like the shaggy chic flowers. The yellow certainly brightens up the border at this time of year.

16 Sep, 2012


Thanks Junna for your nice comments.
Linclass, you are spot on! He's a clever man, our Hywel.
Hywel, thankyou, I thought you might know which ones they were. I was told they were all hardy. Perhaps I better lift them all and put them in the green house. There was another all pin k one and will put a picture of it on here. It wasn't in flower when I took these.
Scotsgran, thankyou . These turned out white when they are pale pink! Thats a good idea, though. I shall wait next time and try taking them on a dull day. I wouldn't mind, but I have a lot of different modes on the camera to get the light right, so don't know what happened. I love the Inula , but it never seems to spread so that I can get more. I thought with it being a perrenial and having it for a while now , would clump up so that I could split it.

16 Sep, 2012


Think your Inula is Hookerie they are smaller and much shaggier in appearance, I too have the tall one Hellenium and this one, they are good for colour too and last for a good while in the border.

16 Sep, 2012


Me cever ? lol ... now there's a laugh :D
Sorry I couldn't do better. Maybe you could show some more photos to help with ID

16 Sep, 2012


Thanks for that Barbara.I also have some lovely Heleniums in the allotment garden. They have been flowering for ages.
I've put one more photo on Hywel.

17 Sep, 2012


I have a feeling that you could successfully grow anything Rose. The new fuschias in your life are truly lovely.

18 Sep, 2012


Flattery will get you everywhere Chris! Thankyou.

19 Sep, 2012


Hi Rose. Beautiful flowers .. great pics :o)

29 Sep, 2012


Thankyou Terra

30 Sep, 2012


Hywel helped encourage my love of Fuchsias too Rose, so I could really relate to this blog..\0/x

19 Oct, 2012


Its strange really , Flori as I have never been keen on Fuchsias and now I love them!

19 Oct, 2012


They are not the most flamboyant of flowers, yet have a certain grace don't they Rose?

20 Oct, 2012


I think I like them now, Flori as I have a lot of borders that don't get much sun and these are quite happy without it.

20 Oct, 2012


I managed to buy quite a few hardy Fuchsias from a B&M store for £1.49 each! It was too good a bargain to pass by, and all are doing well even this late in the year..\0/x

21 Oct, 2012

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