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I have a huge potted Fuschia, should I leave it at end of season, or cut it right back ?



you don't say if it's a hardy variety or not,Yvonne..but as it's in a pot,you will need to protect it anyway..under cover,and in a frost free position...preferably
with the pot wrapped in bubble wrap,or garden fleece,which will also protect your pot,as well as the roots, and cover the foliage with fleece also..I trim mine down slightly,and keep removing dead foliage..I only cut them back ,when I see new growth appearing the following year..

10 Sep, 2012


Big pots of fuchsias that are not hardy can be a problem if you have no shelter for them. Somehow it seems hard to let them go when they have bloomed so well for you. In past years I have huddled my big pot fuchsias under the verandah, put canes in the pots and wound a big sheet of fleece around the whole lot. Secured in place by those modern soft grip clothes pegs. The canes support the fleece and I fold over the top and peg up to make a tent. Cross my fingers and hope.

10 Sep, 2012


Bloomer and Dorjac have said it all.

In really bad winters I have even lost hardy fuchsias.

Good luck with your potted fuchsia and hope it comes through the winter.

Take tip cuttings so at least you have others growing on .

11 Sep, 2012


Me too,Scotkat...I forgot to mention Yvonne might find that helpful..I have done a few of mine as insurance :o)

11 Sep, 2012


Thanks Bloomer, Dorjac and Scotkat. I've taken on board all your comments, and hopefully my lovely fuschia will be ok, as I speak, I can't remember what the pot looks like because its completely covered in flower !!

11 Sep, 2012


A good one to try which is not said to be hardy is Checkerboard ,if you can get it from anywhere. Unfortunately it is not easy to strike and keep cuttings going for some reason.....I am not that good at fuchsia cuttings anyway. Mine is self planted, and sprouted from a crevice near some steps. Has survived that very severe winter with no extra fuss made at all. The extra water this year has really made it like your fuchsia, an absolute waterfall of elegant flowers.

12 Sep, 2012

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