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I have several large bags of two month old shredded fir tree - I inteded to use as a mulch when my autumn raspberries and rhubarb have finished. A friend has suggested this is not a good idea - any comments would be appreciated.



Conifer shreddings can be toxic to plants. I use our shreddings on the paths of the veggie garden to suppress weeds.

10 Sep, 2012


I use conifer shreddings and cuttings as mulch all the time (particularly from friends' leylandiis). I agree it would be a mistake to use these fresh or only a couple of months old, but if you put the shreddings in a big pile and keep it wet for six months or longer, you will have a nice half rotted product that would be ideal around shrubs or even raspberries. I think this is long enough to break down most of the toxic products that the conifers produce. I've certainly had some wonderful courgette plants planted into eight inches of this well rotted material.

11 Sep, 2012

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