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My lawn is approx 440 sq metres. (100ftx40ft). Over the years digging badgers have caused unevenness in various parts that I would like to even out. I am thinking of a blanket of top soil over the whole garden but don't know how much to put on. Is this a wise idea and if so how much soil shoud I use. Thanks from Will



I wouldn't cover the whole area as this could lead to drainage problems due to the ground under the topsoil being somewhat compacted!

I would get a long straight edge and find the hollows,and carefully remove the turf from these sunken areas, then I would add sufficient topsoil to fill the hollows.

Providing the turf you lifted was intact and suitable for relaying I would lay this on the new topsoil.

If it were unsuitable you could reseed these areas!

This method is suitable for local areas but if there are lots of hollows then I would rotovate the lot adding topsoil where necessary and reseed the entire lawn.

Either way it is going to take up to a couple of years to see the results of your effort!

6 Sep, 2012


Thank you Teegee

6 Sep, 2012


I have produced some tips on lawn care here;

This page along with the links at the bottom of the page should help!

Sorry I should have given this info in my original post!

Another aged moment I guess ;o))

6 Sep, 2012

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