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I have a lily i got from a fish/plant stockist, when i got it it had a flower on then when that died off its not flowered since, The pond is about 18 in' and i have it on the floor of the pond, I've had it in the pond for about 1 year, I feel its to deep but my Hubby thinks its right also we got it right by the pump he says it shouldn't be near the pump, I've not fed it. I do try keeping the weed down in the pond i have got about 10 fish they are swimming around great and feeding, The top of the planter isn't visible I have a tall Iris plant in that flowers really well, The Lily is away from the water fall, Regards geraldine




firstly lillies do not like any moving water near them at all so youl have to put the lilly the other end from the pump/fountain . the other thing is the nights are closing in so your lilly will be starting to shut down and lose its leaves etc . what you can do with a lilly is raise it closer to the surfice at first and when the leaves have obviously reached the top drop it down some untill it is infact on the bottem . at a real stretch a lilly in good sunlight can eventualy just about stretch up to the surface to about 4` to maybe 6` but know more . thats why you see them round the edge of big ponds/small lakes unless there shallow .i hope thats answerd your question ok .

5 Sep, 2012


i agree with NP but there are some varieties that have a growth habit naturally for the shallows and some for 2-3ft deep water and some for really deep 4-6ft deep water. So do you know which lily you have. was it a named variety? if you know then that will help with the best advice.

just out of interest how large are the leaves?

6 Sep, 2012


id say thats quit a big type not doing so well because of the mioving water which i cant actualy see in the picture . it mite just be young as yet . eventualy youl be cutting the roots back if it grows happily . even the very tall types of lilly it helps to put them near the surface which isnt a problem here as they can actualy reach the top happely .

6 Sep, 2012


I have read your comments re my Lilly, The leaves are about as big as the palm of my hand some smaller, I have moved it from the water fall, It is now in different position on a stone most of the leaves are really green few are going yellow, I don't no what type of lilly it is i've lost the name tag.

Regards daisymae12

7 Sep, 2012


it will be fine im sure .it will lose its leaves soon anyway so wouldnt be unusual a few going yellow now anyway .

8 Sep, 2012

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