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I have a 16year old torbay palm which is about 11/12 ft high.I bought it when my son was born and would like to move it to my new house.How can i do this without damaging or killing it Thanks



Very difficult at that size Stone even if you can get it out with a large root ball. The Torbay palm is not of course a true palm, it is a cordyline, but like a true palm the only sure way of moving it is over three years. You dig down on one side and kill (by cutting off) the roots on that side and fill that side in loosely with compost. It survives on the roots on the other side until the side you have doctored grows new roots. The following year do exactly the same on the other side. This time the new roots keep it going. When new fibrous roots have grown on both sides (the third year) it is less dependent on nutrition from the tap root so it can be lifted (as deeply as possible because you are almost certain to snap some of the tap root) which will be very deep. This is the safest way but after 3 years still not certain. I had a neighbour who kept on at me to sell her just an eight foot one from my own garden. She did not believe me and just kept on about it so eventually I agreed to sell her one if she arranged to have it lifted and moved at her own risk. She did and it didn't last 6 months. Virtually no chance just by lifting and replanting once they are that size. So not really worth it.

5 Sep, 2012

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