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Can anyone help? Is this ficus benjamina (weeping Fig) past saving. Is there anything I can do or is it too late. Any help would be welcome, thanks.

On plant ficus benjamina (?).




Yep...i would say totally beyond help. Probably been dried out at some point

2 Sep, 2012


Actually I think I may have over-watered it. I usually water once a week, with a big drink. Last Fridays water was still in the saucer today (Sunday). Thanks though.

2 Sep, 2012


It surely can't have gone like that in just a week though? I have about twenty ficus and it takes a while for one to deteriorate like that.

They can sometimes come back from what appears to be inevitable death, take off all the dead foliage, cut back a little way into the twigs and then watch carefully to see if any tiny growth starts. But the tree will probably never recover a good shape - indeed it looks a slightly strange shape now - so it might be better to cut your losses and get a new one. If you are in reach of an Ikea they often have them as plants of the week. Our six foot tall, six foot wide trees all started there as little plants of the week :-)

Good luck.

2 Sep, 2012


Thanks for your answer. It has been a bit sparse for a good few weeks now. I'll cut it back to give it one last chance for re-growth.
Thanks again.

2 Sep, 2012

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