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we have a grape vine that grows over a pergola outside and also comes into the house to grow over the sun lounge roof. This year the outside part of the vine is as vigorous as ever but not a single leaf has appeared inside, no greenery at all. I never got around to pruning the inside part of the vine last year, just removed the grapes. Would that be why it has failed to grow inside? Also, last year the vine dropped loads of sticky sap all over the sun lounge which it has not done before. We live in south hampshire.



Maybe the weird weather has a hand. On the run up to regrowth in the spring there had been a long drought and maybe the vine couldn't hydrate such a long run. Our vine used to be between 30 to 40 feet long. All external. Then it wanted to explore next door as well. So some got the chop. This year, due to the extra water it has tried to advance again. Maybe wait till growth starts next year......see if any shoots appear on the inside part. If not remove the old indoor bit, and train a suitable shoot or shoots into the conservatory. Choose the best ones and pinch out the others. Make sure you do get round to clipping back to main stem in November. The sticky sap was probably aphid honeydew.

1 Sep, 2012

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