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my name is robin and i have a problem we have an old fir tree in our garden that we decided to keep and put bird feeder tables on
but a few weeks ago i went up to it and found what i thought was woodworm as ther was apile of sawdust? at the bottom
but today i noticed a very small insect about the size of a hoverfly but looks like a small wasp? burrowing into the tree
what can i do to stop it please and what is the bug



Probably a wood wasp of some kind - not sure whether its living in there or just using the chewed wood elsewhere, could be resident. It's not clear whether the tree is already dead or not from your question. As the wood wasp is a pollinating insect, killing it isn't really necessary - if the tree is already dead and you've kept it just to hang feeders on, over time all sorts of things will inhabit it to help with the decay process.

28 Aug, 2012


Hi Bamboo
many thanks
yes the tree is dead but i dont wnt the wasp to inhabit my fence

28 Aug, 2012


Well, all the time its got the dead tree to use, it'll leave your fence alone...

28 Aug, 2012


We need to encourage all these little creatures Robin, and hoverflies, wasps, mason bees etc. need habitats. Come winter they will be gone, so I would leave well alone and they certainly wont 'inhabit your fence'. Also without these insects we wont have flowers or fauna.

29 Aug, 2012

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