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By Lydiah

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Last year I bought summer fruiting raspberry canes(about 4), I didnt know if or which year to cut back. This year there is a mass of canes - not sure what to do help!!



The older canes will be brown and woody; it is these that should be cut out. The newer canes to provide next years fruit will be green and softer and should be left. In late August the new canes will be starting to go brown so you need to look closely.

24 Aug, 2012


Hi Bulbaholic and thanks. I only found this website yesterday so I hope this reaches you while I work things out!
One more question on raspberries please... they were planted 4 in a square, 2 feet apart, I will cut back soon the woody ones(thanks) but when would be the best time to transplant them? I have an allotment and feel they would be best planted against my fence, is 2 feet apart ok. Thanks.

25 Aug, 2012


Raspberry plants are usually moved in winter, Lydiah, and 2 to 2.5 feet appart. After transplanting it is recommended to cut all the canes down to a couple of inches above the ground. This is to allow the plant to build up strength before bearing a crop. It does mean that you won't get any fruit in the first season but will benefit in future years.

25 Aug, 2012

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