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By Pdb

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

Is this a weed? Just appeared in my garden.




I would say so but which one I don't know!

23 Aug, 2012


I don't know what it is either, but I heave these out as soon as I notice them, they're defo a weed...

23 Aug, 2012


looks like ragwort to me so defo a weed, if so will get yellow flower next year if left. Poisonous so wear gloves when pulling up

23 Aug, 2012


Thank to you all. Just looked on internet and yes it is ragwort. Will be pulling it up tomorrow .
Thank you

23 Aug, 2012


Be careful - better dig rather than pull. When wildlife trusts remove these from their land they wear protective gloves. Nothing to get anxious about but they are very poisonous to cattle. On the other hand they are the only flood plant of the pretty little cinnabar can't win 'em all!

23 Aug, 2012


Thanks for posting question as I have one identical to this. Wish I'd pulled it out sooner but then again I usually atempt such things with bare hands so pleased I got the top quality advice from others in the know so thanks to everyone who replied as well!

23 Aug, 2012


its only poisonous if you eat it, some people can be sensitive to the touch with the plant and it will cause a rash, best to wear gloves just in case, ive handled it (not knowing) and i was fine.

24 Aug, 2012

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