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Ihave 2 tree peonies which I bought earlier in the year.They have both flowered and I REMOVED THE DEAD HEADS AS ADVISED.Now one looks completely healthy and is still in leaf whilst the other seems about to shed its leaves as they have turned brown .There appear to be healthy looking buds on the main stem though, so is it premature autumn die-back do you think?



I would hope so. Our Tree paeonies are looking very autumnal too.

22 Aug, 2012


Thanks! Glad to know we're not on our own.

22 Aug, 2012


Hi both, hope you dont mind me intruding but .... I would like to buy a tree peony, can you recommend a good variety?

22 Aug, 2012


All of them!
Depends on the price you want to pay too, anywhere from £7.50 to £750.
Look for one with lots of good new buds and plant so the graft union is below soil level.

23 Aug, 2012


Thanks Owdboggy

23 Aug, 2012

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