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My courgettes are mis-shapen although the plants appear to be growing normally. The fruit is knobbly and bumpy, not a smooth surface as a normal courgette! Any ideas as to what may be wrong?



Did you buy it from a garden centre? I have bought several from garden sales or church fete sales only to find they are squashes of some kind and not courgettes - quite exciting but not what I expected.

22 Aug, 2012


I agree with Cammomile, I bought a courgette plant from a local-ish market (25miles away) and so far it is 15' long. and the fruits behind any female flowers look too much like a squash. Hoping it's not spaghetti squash. But it is exciting.

23 Aug, 2012


Thanks for replies but these courgettes were grown from seed and I have no doubt they are courgettes. It has been suggested to me that it may be a problem associated with the use of 3 year old rotted compost which was in the trench over which I planted them. There may have been some moss in these which was treated and raked from the lawn. I have grown four plants of different varieties it appears that the Defender are the worst affected.
Any more ideas?

23 Aug, 2012


A picture would be interesting to see.

24 Aug, 2012

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