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Hi all.
I am a newbie to the site, but am desperate for some help with my new 'Escallallonia Peach Blossom'. I have only had it 2 months and purchased it at a very good garden centre with another one. We explained to the man that we wanted something on our front porch that could withstand windy coastal conditions and he said that this was the plant for us!!
The man then retrieved the big pots and special compost for us to pot them in and off we went to pay for the £50's worth of gardening goodies!!!
One of them is doing brilliantly, all shiny green leaves, nice and bushy and we've even had some pink flowers from it, but the other one on the other side of the step looks dreadful! It's gone all brown and stick like, has almost no green leaves whatsoever - it looks like it's been scorched in fire. The branches can actually be snapped off and the bark is all dry, brown and dead!! Help, what can I do to rescue it???
The man said that I could water it with some tomato feed in the water - so it's had some of that...but to no avail.
Please, I hope someone can help me rescue it....




I think you have been badly advised. I didnt think they like cold winds and these are large shrubs and often grown as hedges, although they grow slower than other Escallonias. Mine are planted in the garden as they grow far too big for pots.
Although they grow best in moist well drained soil in full sun. For now I would stand the whole thing in water and really soak it while protecting it from harsh sun and wind and dont feed it. If it recovers think about planting in the garden?
The plants usually cost £6-£8 so most of your money must have gone on the pots and compost. But if you have the receipt it worth trying to get replacement plants more suitable to your needs.

20 Aug, 2012


I would have them take it back and replace it.

To prove it is not your fault take a picture of both of them so that you can say you treated both in the same manner, and this is the result.

Take these pictures to the GC and show them to the person you mentioned.

The fact that one is OK and the other isn't suggests there is something fundementally wrong with the plant and or the compost it is in.

You could also prune a bit off the 'sick' one to show them something in three dimensions.

At least doing it this way saves you lugging the plant & pot along to the GC.

If they do decide to replace it then you can tip it out and take the empty pot along to be refilled!

Best of luck!

20 Aug, 2012


Agree with Teegee above - take it back.

20 Aug, 2012


Sounds like a dead plant that should be taken back.

20 Aug, 2012

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