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how do i rid my lawn of clover leaf



I got rid of my bit by raking it so it is standing up before mowing and do that every 3-5 days. I also applied weed and feed in the spring and again 6 weeks late.

19 Aug, 2012


Verdone Extra was recommended to me on this site. It has had effect on some patches and others will need repeat treatment. The dispenser says it kills with one treatment but that's not true in my case. But it has made a difference.

19 Aug, 2012


Firstly I would suggest tolerating the Clover for environmental reasons but if it is essential to rid the area of Clover high N feeds will reduce the problem.Clover has evolved to fit a Nitrogen poor regime(hence its ability to fix atmospheric N)so the application of N encourages competition and discourages Clover.I would hesitate to use any herbicide as anything but a last resort but would adopt the rake and cut method recommended above after the feeding.

21 Aug, 2012


i totaly agree with stevey for what its worth . why fight it when you can enjoy it and help the planet ?

22 Aug, 2012

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