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We have a Plagianthus regius- Ribbonwood/Lacewood tree-which we bought from Heligan garden around 15-18yrs or so ago as a young tree. They grow naturally in New Zealand.
We wonder if anyone knows the reason for this tree to lose the new leaves from a large branch during the spring and during the last week or two more leaves have apparently died from a smaller branch, when lower on the main trunk there are perfectly healthy leaves! ! ? Is this our weather's problem?



Well hopefully its just the weather - but die back of this kind sometimes indicates infection with phytophthera of some variety. There is no treatment for this other than to remove affected areas if possible, but only time will tell whether it is this or not.

16 Aug, 2012


Thanks, poss the strange weather so we've decided to watch what happens in the spring and praps have to do pruning then! Sorry for belated response.

15 Oct, 2012


Update on our Ribbonwood! More has died during this year & prob two thirds is now from the top down! We're going to take it down before winter sadly.

7 Oct, 2013


Oh dear, I was so hoping I was wrong... still, it's an opportunity to think about planting something else, though maybe you should leave it fallow for a while in case the roots were suffering from phyophthera.

7 Oct, 2013


Thanks for your further comment Bamboo. I think it would bebetter not to replace this tree as its right onthe edge of our pond. It was planted before the pond, so its roots had to be avoided to excavate the pond! I'm also trying to make a wild flower 'meadow' on the otherside if the tree, not so easy as one may think!

8 Oct, 2013

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