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By Ricky_b

Please can anybody help me. I have a 7year old Victoria plum tree which is fanned out along a wall, every year I start of with a good crop but around july time somthing destroys them, they seem to get bitten and then rot ( see photo ) Last year I sprayed with Bayer Provado bug killer which helped but this year it hasn't worked. I would be grateful for any suggestions.
Many thanks Ricky




Cut one or two of the 'bitten' fruits open to see if there's anything inside, or a tunnel from something having been there. You may have a problem with Plum moth, and if you do, you'd need to take proper action to prevent recurrence next year.
Otherwise, fruit split might be the trouble - irregular water supply after the fruitlets have formed means the fruits stop swelling - as soon as more water is available, they grow too rapidly for the skin to keep up and the skin splits. Brown rot sets in subsequently, and often after plum moth damage too. Bird pecks may also allow brown rot to start.
Thinning the fruits so that they are not touching each other as they develop is important too in order to prevent fungal problems like brown rot.

14 Aug, 2012


Thanks Bamboo
I have cut some fruits open but have not found anything so I don't think it's plum moth but Brown rot seems a likely candidit I will look for a remedy for that.
Thanks again for your help.

14 Aug, 2012


wasps will have a munch too.

14 Aug, 2012

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