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My geraniums that have flowered really well for over a year in our porch,heated in winter, are now obviously failing. Yellowing leaves, very small flowers. I do feed them and water enough. Are they just old and done, like me?



Lol! They probably need a rest, that's all, and they've also probably outgrown whatever container they're in. Worth turning them out to see how rootbound they are or not - stop feeding and cut back, let 'em rest and recover and when they start shooting and growing away again, increase watering and start feeding. Although you can wait and do that in a month if you can stand the way they look right now.

8 Aug, 2012


Now is a good time to take geranium(pelargonium) cuttings . I have some plants that flower all year round on my kitchen window sill but at this time of year they get rather leggy. I prune them hard and keep the top 2-3 inches of pruninmgs for cuttings

8 Aug, 2012


Good idea from Anchorman - never thought of that myself.

8 Aug, 2012

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