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I have a very large eucalyptus at the end of my garden,since the snow 18 months ago it has started to shed its bark! It cracks, then peels away and falls off, the tree looks healthy enough but is it dying off?



No - its a feature of these trees once they're mature. Makes a right old mess really, scrolls of bark everywhere...

8 Aug, 2012


A friend of ours has 2 enormous, very tall, eucalyptus leaning at a scary angle behind the back fence of his 200ft garden. Due to take out about 5 garden sheds at the last count, if they fall in a gale. They shed huge rolls of quite thick bark into the bottom of his garden. He brought me some the other day as I shred it and use it for this and that. It is a defence against raging fires to protect the bark in a fire storm. Our Carpentaria Californica is forming the same sort of this ragged but thinner bark as it matures. A defence against canyon fires I presume.

9 Aug, 2012

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