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By Saramat

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Following our daughters wedding we have some beer left and wondered if it would be ok to put on the garden, we have a problem with red thread in the lawn and thought the beer might help feed the grass??



I don't know about feeding the lawn but if you put some jars with beer in around the garden you can catch a lot of slugs!

8 Aug, 2012


Beer is high in sugar and (very) low in nutrients so it would just make a sticky mess of the lawn, and possibly kill the grass. Being a beer drinker, in moderation of course, I wonder why you don't give it away to friends.

8 Aug, 2012


I'm thinking steak and ale pies, beef casseroles, etc etc...

8 Aug, 2012


Thanks to all for your replies but the good stuff is already gone, this is the dregs in the bottom if the barrel!!!!!!!! Friends already inebriated!!!!!

9 Aug, 2012


Slug traps then

11 Aug, 2012

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