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Being strictly a veg gardener, I am clueless on anything else, so I am asking for my wife. Can anyone tell her the name of the plants in the photos?

Plant1 Plant2



it's a leycesteria formosa. known as Himalayan honeysuckle or Pheasant berry. It is not related to the honeysuckle. It can be pruned back heard every spring to keep it within a good size. It will self seed round the area, but the seedlings are easily recognisable and removed.

7 Aug, 2012


I was going to answer this earlier, but for the life of me I could not remember the name. I have one which I am waiting for it to flower, where the red bracts do not develop,so it appears to have a large white flower rather than a red one with a white centre.

7 Aug, 2012


Are both pictures of the same plant? I thought the top one was a goat willow.

7 Aug, 2012


No, they are not the same plant, Bulbaholic,so thanks for the clue.
Thanks also to 2ndhand for such detail on the lower pic.

8 Aug, 2012

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