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What is this hedge - part 2


By Newkid

London, United Kingdom Gb

Thanks for your responses. Here is a less detailed photo of it. It is over 5 feet high - much higher on my neighbour's side. I can take more photos if this one doesn't help with identification.

Thanks again




Strikes me it looks more like one of the Cotoneasters, by its growth habit. Have you ever seen any tiny flowers or berries on it? If not, I suppose it could be a badly pruned, hacked about box but it's usually a much neater grower than this.

11 Jun, 2009


I just looked at the other picture, and I'm pretty sure this is box (Buxus sempervirens). You could rejuvinate it by pruning it back hard. Box does form a tree if left unpruned. The wood is quite valuable I understand - it is used for tool handles and is very dense.

11 Jun, 2009

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