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fuschia (pink and white)

Hereford, United Kingdom Gb

Me again, ive had this fuschia since last year, i bought it and it died off,now the woody stuffs there and the new green is showing at the bottom but since i asked i think two weeks ago and everyone said to leave it where it is, but since then theres been no new growth at all, its still an healthy bit of green but its looking more like cress than a growing fuschia,ive come to realise it gets literally no sun and its in a sheltered spot, any help would be appreciated,thanks Rich



now you have soon green growth cut the dead wood back. fuchsia's do like some shade. you need to keep it watered and give it a feed.

just a thought could the green growth be a weed in the base of the dead twigs?
can you take a photo of it?

11 Jun, 2009


And if you can't get a picture, check if the growth you're seeing is coming off the base of the dead wood.

11 Jun, 2009


ive taken pic but software not on laptop for phone and phone wont seem to let me access goy for some reason,the growth deffo isnt a weed and it is at the base ,about an inch (if that) of the ground, its just before the plant splits into forks

11 Jun, 2009


oh, by the way what do i feed it? would tomorite be ok

11 Jun, 2009


Give it a general feed at the mo, Future. Phostrogen or something. Tomorite is high potash to encourage blooms/fruit but you need some green growth on it first, so some nitrogen is called for. A balanced fert' would be best.
You can buy specialized fuchsia feed though.

11 Jun, 2009


ok ill have a look around for the specialized feed and hopefully that will help.thanks again all

12 Jun, 2009

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