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My husband bought me a minuture rose and when I planted it outside this is what I got can anyone tell me the name as it's fab and far from minuture.
Sorry this is new to me but the head of the flower is about 4 inch round on small stems. When it started to open it looked like a normal rose. The height of the main stem is 24 inches long I shall upload another pic when it isnt in full bloom.

Img_00000038 Img_00000039



Sorry, all you have posted is a pix. of one flower... no idea what size, height etc. the rose is...

4 Aug, 2012


Please look at original question and further pics. Looking at them you wouldn't say they were the same rose but they are from the same plant

5 Aug, 2012


Its a beautiful flower anyway.

7 Aug, 2012


Yup and that is about all I can say... not a rose expert but even if I was wouldn't hazard a guess.

7 Aug, 2012

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