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i have iris growing in my garden and big green pod things are where the flower was, i thought iris were a bulb plant ? will the seeds grow ?



Hi, I just want to follow your question.

4 Aug, 2012


Yes, you can readily grow iris from seeds. Leave the pods alone until they go brown and start to split open and then sow the seed as you would for other plants.
To be semantic, the late winter/early spring irises are bulbs, those flowering later grow from rhizomes or are fiberous rooted.

4 Aug, 2012


thankyou , only one has split open but the others are still green. Can i plant straight away then ? Once they are burst open? fingers crossed they will grow

4 Aug, 2012


Mine seed so much that they've become invasive !!!! Iris pseudocorus that is.

4 Aug, 2012


Iris are actually very easy from seeds. Sow as soon as ripe (pale brown in colour) and keep safe from rodents. They do not need any heat, so leave outdoors until Spring when you can bring them in to speed up germination. They do take a few years to reach flowering size though. And if they are hybrids then the flowers may well be very different from the mother plant.

4 Aug, 2012


I got nearly 100 new seedlings from this iris last year

About 3 weeks ago I spinkled about 50 in a seed tray and I noticed this morning almost everyone has sprouted.

4 inch seedlings dug up and potted on now will make 18 inch plants next year and should flower the year after

4 Aug, 2012

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