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We have a Red Caned Acer in our garden which is now getting a little big and wondered how to prune this back without damaging it and also an olive tree that is too big, we would like to get rid if this tree but dont want to chop it up but nobody local wants it, garden centres included, and wondered if you could re-locate this plant for us?? Please find Photo's of both Attached

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id be inclined to take bigger branches out of the acer back to the mane stem as apposed to losing hight . any branches you can see rubbing or touching etc . id leave it till next early spring . shame about your olive tree . isnt there sites wear you swap things ? if you do move the olive youl have to weight till its dorement .

4 Aug, 2012


your acer would look lovley with a red one in front of it .

4 Aug, 2012


That's a Great help, I will try this and let you know how it goes, It is a Shame about the olive tree, We have put this on many "free to collect" sites and unfortunately due to size, nobody wanted it, and garden centers seemed reluctant to help in any way atall. Thankyou for your advice.

4 Aug, 2012


Would you wrap the roots in a damp cloth if you move the olive tree over a distance?

4 Aug, 2012


You only need to wrap the roots in damp sacks in summer/spring.

Interesting that you have Gunnera growing next to the Olive tree as Gunnera like damp conditions while Olive needs dry conditions in winter but both look fine. Olive does fine in large containers so am surprised no one has snapped it form you.

You should wait till Feb to prune the Acer as the sap will be low and the leaves off so you can see what you are doing.

4 Aug, 2012


is it not rubarb ?

4 Aug, 2012


Yes it is rhubarb, I had gunnera at the top of the garden and had to wage a personal war to get rid of that particular one!! Thanks for advice. x

Will keep trying to get rid of the Olive but not holding out much hope and need space as I have my eye on a lovely little Japanese acer!!!

5 Aug, 2012


id go for it realy youve done ya best .

5 Aug, 2012

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