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Monkey puzzle tree


By Amy

norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

I have a monkey puzzle tree that has a wild rose growing through it ,it looks pretty but is it harming the tree ..if so should I take it out ??




You'll get away with it for the summer, but I'd cut it down at the end of the season and let it regrow next year to give the tree branches a bit of light and air over the winter. The rose is only leaning on the tree, but if it gets too dense, it will block airflow and light.

10 Jun, 2009


You will have to be careful and remove the growth you cut off or it will remain in the tree and turn brown and look awful.
i would keep it it looks lovely but you need fresh growth too.

10 Jun, 2009


Thanks for your advice Bamboo / Seaburngirl .. The root of the rose is at the base of that conifer that you can see behind , maybe I can cut it in the autumn and then train it to go up the fir , then as you say SBG , it.s going to be an awful problem getting the rose stems out of the monkey puzzle , I,m not sure how you would do that ... ...

10 Jun, 2009


wear thick protective clothing and goggles, as i am sure you know the monkey puzzle leaves are sharp too. and gently pull the rose stems. you may have to use a ladder to get up high enough and get some one to hold the ladder too.

or if you can afford it pay some one competent to do it. make sure they have their own liability insurance incase they have an accident.

10 Jun, 2009


Yes SBG they are very prickly , I love to see the cob webs draped from them , they seem to attract them, in the winter they are frosted , in the summer the sun shines through them ...
I will leave it until the autumn , gently pulling them down might work ...
The brown blobs that you can see at the top of the tree are all the new growths it is quite healthy ...

10 Jun, 2009

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