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why have my onions got a flower growing on it?someone said its bolted??? please help


By Mal54

United Kingdom Gb

i planted my onions 2months ago and all my red onions have grown a flower,why is this?all my other onions ie,,shallots and large whites are fine,please help,what is it and what do i do,thank you for your time,marion



often they do this when they get over dry or stressed. flowering and setting seed is the plants survival strategy.
i would nip the flowers off and keep them watered. some one else may have better advice for you.
welcome to GoY too by the way.

8 Jun, 2009


thank you seaburngirl for the welcome and advice

9 Jun, 2009


Yes, quite a few of my onions have bolted this year too. Seaburngirl is quite right - it's caused by stress, such as being too dry. We had that period of hot dry weather with a constant breeze that dried everything out if you remember. I'd yank out the ones that have bolted and consign them to the compost heap - that will at least benefit the remaining ones. Keep them well watered in the future.

15 Jun, 2009

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