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Stone crop... Sedum


By Twillf

United Kingdom Gb

This is a sort of strange question. I have Sedum/stone crop growing profusely between the slabs of my patio and when I use a strimmer to trim it back to slab level, the moment the strimmer cord hits the Sedum/stone crop , I start coughing and find the air surrounding me very difficult to breathe . Has anyone any idea what is being released by the Sedum that might be causing this ?



not realy but it could be just so fine its irritating your throwt

7 Jun, 2009


I suffer greatly with allergies, never hay feaver, runny eyes but the allergies affect me with gasping for breath, caused through certain plants and tree pollen or dust. I find them all worse when the flowers are going over. I take a 24 hour antihistamen non drowsy tablet if I am out in the garden at a particular bad time. It does the trick. The strimmer is obviously kicking up the dust and you are allergic to that particular plant pollen.

7 Jun, 2009


i agre telme sounds about right.a pack of them paper masks dont cost much . they would help a lot just for that job i think

7 Jun, 2009


Many thanks for your answers. I will certainly give the masks a go... seems the obvious way forward at the moment. I was mainly curious if Sedum contained anything nasty that might be the cause of my problem.Thanks again.

8 Jun, 2009

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