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is this a symptom of winter wet ? on my lilies ?

Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

is this a symptom of winter wet ? or something else?lots of bud damage to my lilies that are in john innes no. 3 in buckets i thought that would be adequate drainage but in u.k. this year day after day of rain maybe has damaged them what do you think ?

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Hello, I wouldn't have thought the wet would do this, it does look diseased in some way, but what, I'm not sure.

22 Jul, 2012


Don't think it is the weather. We have had a really warm dry spring/summer in Scotland, my lillies in pots are fine, but I have a few in the ground which look exactly like yours. I'll watch this post with interest.

23 Jul, 2012


It looks like a fungal disease. Personally I would cut them down and destroy the infected plants to stop it spreading.

23 Jul, 2012


did they look as if they'd got mildew before the brown areas appeared, Alastair?

24 Jul, 2012

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