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50 years ago we used to have a plant in the garden my mum called it "White Rock" i cant find it anywhere is it known by another name and where can I get it from? Thank you Sandie



Arabis caucasia Snowcap ( Rock Cress Bloom ) is white and is one that comes to mind.

21 Jul, 2012


White Rock was the common name for Cerastium tomentosum. Plant at your peril as it is a total thug.

21 Jul, 2012


What I call Snow in Summer. It can be thuggish, but I chop it all back every late autumn, and seems to keep fairly tidy.

21 Jul, 2012


Much more amenable than this is Cerastium uniflorum, an alpine form of Snow in Summer but very small and dainty.

21 Jul, 2012


Thank you all for your response,
This plant has sentimental memories.
Thanks again x

22 Jul, 2012

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