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Hello, we have inherited some clumping bamboo that has started to invade our garden. We have started to dig up some of the roots & cutting some of it & painting it with strong Roundup Root killer. Are we doing the right thing to get rid of it? thanks



you havnt baught a clump former youve actualy baught one of the ones that shoot everywear im afraid . the only real thing you can do is cut the whole thing to the floor and totaly kill it and buy a clump former or get a bamboo membrane like you have or dont have it realy . i found mine unbelievably tuff . i had to kill that and get membranes myself .round up after youve chopped it all down and probably more than once . you could try digging it out but good luck with that .it will help if you get some thick black polythene and put it over the cut down bamboo to .

21 Jul, 2012


Thanks for your suggestion Noseypotter

28 Jul, 2012


your more than welcome ps id even poar a bag of central heating salt or should i saY sack lol just on the cut bamboo area and damp it then put your polythene/weed supressing membrane etc . i even poard everybit of left over boiling water on it and it still didnt die for 2 years . even in death it stays wear it is . i built a statue over mine lol . perhaps digging it out in the long run would be best realy . id get yourself an axe,an old saw and a proper pick .

28 Jul, 2012


Sounds like you've tried everything to get rid of your bamboo Noseypotter. It sounds a nightmare to get rid of. We are now investigating getting quotes from landscape gardeners to dig the stuff up - we've both got bad backs & dont fancy all the digging!! Its gonna be expensive holiday for us this year :-(

29 Jul, 2012


well surley you have some lads or relatives who want £20 each with cups of tea,sandwiches etc . id help but i got a bad back lol . i think to have something taken out is worth doing if you dislike it that much or it will always annoy you . i like bamboo myself but have taken precautions to keep it wear it is ie the bamboo membrane which you could use still after digging up the runners if you dont mind the plant or wear it is . sometimes just as relrvant . you could get some membrane and cut a piece of of it if you do like it but dont like its position . i had to do just that as mine threatand to ruin my pond and hence knowing what i know the hard way as many have . look at it from this point of view . if you leave it it will be much harder to get rid of it . i never tried that stump killer either . i had to be careful as my ornimentle grapevine was in the same planter .i also use them big nylon buckets they grow the biggest trees in . i just cut the bottem out and bury it . then plant as normal . leave 2" above ground so you catch the runners easily . being buckets they naturaly sloap outwards to making any shoots grow upwards . i have 3 bamboos in my front garden 2 in buckets and a yellow one with bamboo membrane round it .this has some good size canes in it yet is restricted .

30 Jul, 2012

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