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Hi, doe's anyone know the name of these plants
I planted them a few years ago and the sun has faded the name I have totally forgotten the name its the tall one with flowers like campanulus and leaves like foxgloves

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Yes, it is a campanula.

16 Jul, 2012


Campanula trachelium

16 Jul, 2012


I like to say thanks to you both for your answers, I thought of campanula but the leaves are not the same and the stem on campanula have hair looking little things on them the flower on this is more delicate as well.

If the leave was the same them I would go for owdboggy's reply and that is the campanula trachelium this is the closet but owdboddy take a closer look at my leaves and that of any campanula?

Cheers both of you

happy gardening


17 Jul, 2012


Try looking at the pictures on this site, Sherlris.
A common name for this campanula is Nettle-Leaf Campanula as well as Canterbury Bells. The flowers can come in blue and white.

17 Jul, 2012


Hi Bulbaholic,

I typed in the web site didnt have much luck it took me to a site that was not above as you typed??? However I donot have nettle type leaves on my flowers they are so strong but the flowers are really delicate


17 Jul, 2012


Hello Owwdoddy & Bulbaholic,

Just heard the Gardeners World Editor and my Campanula is the Variety named Campanula latiflora var alba i knew sort of guess that it was part of the Campanula Family but knew it was a different Variety than most.

So at least know I know for 100% I will not forget now.

Cheers Guys

18 Jul, 2012

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