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We would like to grow a laburnum walk. We live in the south west of Scotland. Can anyone suggest the best variety to plant and when is the best time to plant? Many thanks for any help.



Sound lovely already

The one I grow is : Laburnum Watereri , this one is meant NOT to set seed and mine is 6 years old and I have never seen one in all that time.

They dont like getting waterloged over the winter , and I have had both bare rooted and pot grown, I would always go for pot grown , the branches are very supple when young so train in as they grow.

I always go for Autumn planting so the roots can settle in , plus gets a good start in the spring

Hope this helps , how many are you planting?


15 Jul, 2012


Many thanks for your comments Gg - we are going to plant about 20 and train them over an arched frame. Is this one of the varities which will flower before the majority of the leaves are out? WB

15 Jul, 2012

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