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I asked earlier regards a yellow flowering tree, sorry I have no photos, but now I ask what is a "salus tree" and does this tree even exist nickname wise, I need some info so that I can cultivate/look after this tree.



Does your wife mean 'Salix'? If your tree is a weeping one, which drops its leaves in winter, and then has catkin yellow flowers in spring, it'll be Kilmarnock Willow (willow is the common name for Salix)

15 Jul, 2012


I could find no reference to "salus" it could be a local name, the most common tree Ican think of is the Laburnum or a shrub such as forsythia.
You could put yellow flowered tree into google images and then show them to your wife, if we have a name we may be able to help

15 Jul, 2012

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