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How do I get rid of elderflowers?


By Bryony

United Kingdom Gb

I have got about ten unwanted elderflower trees, I have pruned them back but they just keep re-sprouting, they always creep up on you when you think they are dead, just like in The Terminator, lol. How can I get rid of them?
(I am keeping one for the benefit of the birds).



are they bale to be dug up? how big are they? cos if they are ok to be removed you could advertise them on freecycle. Even get those who want them to dig them up themselves

saves you a job and saves them sitting around waiting to be collected

x x x

2 Jun, 2009


Saw them off at the base, drill into the stumps, apply either Rootout or SBK (fill up the holes you've made with it), cover (for safety) and wait. If you get any more growth, redrill, retreat.

2 Jun, 2009


or act like a rabbit! use a sharp knife and run a complete ring cut around the stem. then another one about 1" below and remove the bark from inside the 2 cuts. this will stop nutrients going down to the roots and then they die. this is what happens when rabbits/squirrels/deer chomp and remove the bark.
I did this out of curiosity on an ash sapling and it does work. no chemicals either :o)

2 Jun, 2009


What a destructive lot!!

4 Jun, 2009

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