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Chillis- greenhouse or outside?


By Bryony

United Kingdom Gb

I am growing some F1 chillis this year and I don't know whether they should go in my porch (which is glass acts like a greenhouse) or outside. I am on the south coast of England, it is 24°C (75.2 F) at the moment, I can't think what the maximum summer temperature is, but probably about 32? (90 F).

Thanks for any help : )



I dont know about the F1 variety but the chillis I have growing need to be 15-20 degrees(60-68) if they are outdoors they need a sunny sheltered spot but produce smaller and later crops than indoor grown
personally Im going to keep mine in my greenhouse

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2 Jun, 2009


Thanks, I think I will keep them in the porch, then. I don't have the name of the exact variety to hand right now, but they are long and thin, super hot ones.

My neighbour told me they would get bigger outdoors but then I had always thought that the heat was neaded to create the hotness of the chilli (chili- US spelling?).

Do you have to pollinate them yourself if they are in a greenhouse?

2 Jun, 2009


to self pollinate you need to touch the inside of all the flowers with something like a cottonbud, start with one and work your way through them all but remember to go back to the first

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2 Jun, 2009

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