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Hi everyone
Please can anyone advise me the best way to carry on growth of carrotts.
Attempt 1
I started off seed in greeen house earlier this year and then planted out when they were strong enough into border. Unfortunately the whole lot got ruined by rain and garden snails/slugs.

Attempt 2 failed because the soil inside the greenhouse was not good quality.
Attempt 3 is going extremely well in a seed tray the plants are ready to go on to next stage however i don't now have any garden space left that can use as its waterlogged and heavy clay.
I do have too large grow bags that should be for tomatoes. would thses be any good?
What sort of mix of compost-soil-sand should i use as i want this to go well this time as grandaughter is wanting her carrotts.



yes put them into the grow bag compost but in deep pots. it is better to sow them direct into the pots so you dont disturb the roots. you get better carrots this way. use the same method for parsnips too.

12 Jul, 2012


If you can get one of those little plastic 'blocking' machines, with the right peaty compost it is fairly easy to make compost 'blocks' These are good to sow into as you can simply plant the whole thing out once the carrots have germinated. An alternative is the peat pots where you do the same thing, but these seem to be ridiculously expensive. I've not tried newspaper pots, but that should work too in theory.

12 Jul, 2012


Why are you growing in seed trays?
I have never known any successful method of transplanting carrot seeds from them. Anything else for that matter.
There are many ways of growing carrots but all involve a good depth of compost/soil, unless you try those golf ball shaped ones which you may get away with in a grow bag.
Heavy clay soil unfortunately will never grow carrots successfully.

If you just want a few carrots to show your granddaughter, you'd be better off getting a container at least 10 inches deep, 10 inches diameter, sieve your grow bag and once sieved add an equal quantity of horticultural sand to it. Mix in a bit of growmore. Fill your container and then sow seeds of a very early maturing variety all over the surface, then cover with about 1/2 inch of compost, water well and cover the top with polythene until they germinate.
You must sieve any compost you use, preferably with 1/4" sieve.

12 Jul, 2012

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