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I have dark green jelly like rubbery blobs on a gravel area of my garden. These blobs seem to be increasing and I have no idea what this is.



Commenting to follow the question. I've got something similar on my path, slipped on it a couple times. No clue what it is.

11 Jul, 2012


I know this sounds silly, but you haven't dropped any water-retaining granules, have you? I've done that in the past and it expands alarmingly in the rain.

11 Jul, 2012


Definitely not in my case. Not unless someone else has been working in the garden without me knowing. Good point though.

12 Jul, 2012


It is an algae not idea how you get rid of it though

12 Jul, 2012


Thanks moongrowe. If I come up with a removal solution I'll post it for you chezzarowney.

12 Jul, 2012

How do I say thanks?

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