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what plants grow on a rock face


By Eholt

somerset, United Kingdom Gb

my back garden is in a quarry a boundary about 20ft of sand stone wall I would like to grow native plants to cover as at present over run with ivy & weeds



pulstilla vulgaris think thats how its spelt, beautiful Im sure these are quite happy on rockery and like to be left to do there thing

some types of herbs and loads of wildflowers

you have a long list avalable for you, am very jealous

x x x

29 May, 2009


Native plants are a bit short on varieties.
Pulsatilla need a limestone area so sandstone would not be ideal for them. Ditto the native Dianthus.
Which way does the bed face? North gives a totally different plant life to South.
Why do you stipulate native plants, out of interest?

30 May, 2009

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