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Do I need to remove the sideshoots from cherry tomato plants?

Cornwall, United Kingdom Gb

The plants are growing in the greenhouse, I have Garden Pearl, Sweet Million and Shirley.



I do, as i want the plant to grow up straight. when its the height i want i take the tip out.
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shirley isnt a cherry type mind but again take out side shoots etc. it has fantastic flavour.

29 May, 2009


I am new to gardening too, i have been taking my shoots out, but not on my beef variety.
starting to get tall now

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29 May, 2009


i was shown how to do this the other day,could someone tell me though, when you get towards the top do you take the middle stem out if theres 3 or is that the main stem, been to scared to touch the top ones incase i mess it up,currently got 12 tomatoes plants in green house but also enouger 89 that i grew from seed (i wasnt expecting to be succesful) can i plant them all outside if i keep the roots warm???

31 May, 2009

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