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By Rozella

Jersey Unknown

Eariler this year I planted some strawberry plants taken from runners I took. From the ten I took only three have given fruit. Am I correct in thinking that it must be the plant closest to the main plant which should be used, and that the others don't give fruit.



I do know that strawberries fruit increasingly better the longer they have been planted , up to 3 or 4 years and then I think you are supposed to renew the plants. Give them another year and then see...

4 Jul, 2012


Agree with Pam, next year they will fruit for you I'm sure x

4 Jul, 2012


In nature I doubt the plant cares which one of its runners survives or how far away it is, so I think you should be ok as has already been said. Good Luck.

5 Jul, 2012


Thank you all for your suggestions regarding my strawberries, I will give them another year and hope for more next year.

5 Jul, 2012

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