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can you show me the growing shoot on a tomato plant which has to be removed



The shoots that need removing are the ones that grow from each leaf axil, not the growing shoot. This is only stopped when the plant has about 6 trusses on it in a greenhouse, less outside.

Just do a google search for images. That will show you the side shoots to go.

4 Jul, 2012


Have a look at this on you tube

4 Jul, 2012


Look at the pictures near the bottom of this page,under tips;

4 Jul, 2012


Someone on here once said they'd taught their children to consider the side shoots as growing in 'armpits' rather than as a continuation of the main stem. Looked at that way it might be easier to identify and remove them. :o)

5 Jul, 2012


If you take the side shoots off and pot them on you will get new plants or so I'm led to believe.
Should you remove the growing tip by accident leave a side shoot on and it will take over. They still produce flowers and fruit.

5 Jul, 2012

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