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By Marion1

Avon, United Kingdom Gb

Has anyone heard of the clematis called "Kathy Griffin" its orange, I found this link as I am looking for an orange flowering clem but not the orange peel type but I cant find any other information on it.




I dont think I have ever seen it on here Marion?

4 Jul, 2012


Very odd.

The link you supply is American but no information other than to show that picture, which is strange when it is such a unique colour.

The owner of the blog seems to be a plant-lover.
No record of the name in any of my collection of books.

On a personal level, I don't think I like it... :)

4 Jul, 2012


It doesn't exist Marion - the site where its shown is a place where imaginary plants are pictured... the wonders of Photoshop and all its filters... whoever said 'the camera never lies' was wrong, well, these days anyway.

4 Jul, 2012


Ah thats a shame Bamboo, I thought it was quite pretty, I would love an orange summer flowering climber to mingle with my purple clems can you suggest something nice?

4 Jul, 2012


A couple - black eyed susan, oh lord, I'm struggling to remember its proper name, I'll check in a minute, and Eccremocarpus scaber - comes in orange, red or yellow, make sure to get the orange one. Both die in the winter, although Eccremocarpus will keep going if the winter's not too bad and its in a sheltered spot - I had one for six years once. You can collect the seed from the pods, easy to raise from seed. Off to check the proper name of the first one...

4 Jul, 2012


Thunbergia alata - they come in different colours though, and the orange isn't quite as orange as Eccremocarpus...

4 Jul, 2012


Well done Bamboo. I didn't spot the wording of 'plants I wished existed'.

4 Jul, 2012


As if life isn't confusing enough, already;-)))

4 Jul, 2012


Ooh, thanks for pointing that out, I did not realise, what a shame, I really like it!

6 Jul, 2012

How do I say thanks?

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