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I have a large plot that is at the moment smothered in weeds. What is the best weed killer to use. It's too large a plot to digthem out by hand!



Roundup is effective on almost all weeds.

4 Jul, 2012


Thanks for the advice Anchorman. I have tried roundup but with all this wet weather it isn't working:0(

5 Jul, 2012


It won't work if applied in the wet or if it rains before it has dried.

Wait for a dry day ( probably next year!) and apply with a sprayer .

It should dry in 10 -15 minutes and will then do its stuff.

Don't expect instant results. I've found it works fastest on grass but it will probably take 5-7 days before you see a change. Other weeds can take longer and some will require a second dose in 2 -3 weeks time

5 Jul, 2012


Thanks for your reply. You obviously have a sense of humour. No dry weather in the weeks to come I hear.

6 Jul, 2012

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