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my peony doesnt flower after 3 yrs of being in the same place

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In a sunny spot near fence



Usual reason for a non-flowering paeony is that it was planted too deeply. The growth point should never be more than an inch below the surface. Also, in a warm spot it maybe that the bud does not get the period of cold ripening it needs to initiate flower development.
Choice is either to dig it up in Autumn and replant at a lesser depth, or move it to a colder spot.
Or, scrape away the soil over the top and expose the buds in Autumn.
Or, wait and see if it is just sulking!

24 May, 2009


It seems peonies number among the garden plant divas, they are quite fussy about their growing conditions .... too deep/shallow/sunny/shady/etc/etc. They also take their time to settle in and do not like being disturbed. My peony produced wonderful foliage for the first few years, then it began to flower, initially small and thinly but each successive year was better until I disturbed it two years ago to remove a perennial weed which threatened to oust it. Last year it produced one small flower, this year it has produced a few more small flower buds. Hey ho, I live in hope!

24 May, 2009


HI Owdboggy,Xela and Torchwood
I bought a very small plant from Woolies some years ago and it has produced the best set of leaves yet this year but no sign of flowers~it is in a large pot and has been placed where it will get shade in the morning gradually coming into full sun in the afternoon.Do I persevere here which is what I was going to do and will it benefit from manure dug into the top?

24 May, 2009


Owdboggy is right dont plant too deeply....

24 May, 2009


mine were rescued from my mother hehe
she made me promise once i planted them not to disturb them as they get very upset. and not to deep either

x x x

mine is now sat shaded root area part sun part shade during the day. She has two large buds and several smaller and is just blooming with foliage.

x xx

25 May, 2009


~can't remember how deep but perhaps better off not moving it now if it doesn't like being disturbed~got a lovely crown of leaves!

25 May, 2009

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