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Disease / fungus on Ceanothus


By Jicms

Greater London/Kent, United Kingdom Gb

I planted two of these shrubs a few years ago, one in the back garden and one in the front. They have hardly grown, having only a few flowers and leaves and are covered in a fungus type disease. Can I get rid of this or are they too far gone?!

On plant Ceanothus



I've only just seen this question, but I know you asked it ages ago now. If you haven't dug them up and thrown them out yet, try spraying them with a fungicidal treatment, preferably a systemic one. These are for conditions like mildew, rust, etc., and you can buy ready mixed or, better, use one that needs mixing in a spray of your own.

12 Jun, 2009


Thanks for your reply.

A few weeks ago I did spray the shrub (one of them died completely) with a systemic insecticide after the garden centre suggested it might be "scale". I dissected some of the "fungus" and it contained tiny round brown creatures. It's had a second spraying. It seems to have improved slightly as it's sprouting new leaves but the branches are very brittle and break off easily. I'm not sure whether I should prune it a bit or wait till it hopefully recovers. I have wiped most of the fungusy coating off the branches.

It's future seems uncertain!

12 Jun, 2009

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