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Why are my Clematis Niobe leave turning black


By Swalk

United Kingdom Gb


New on here and new to gardening :O) I have planted a Clematis Niobe about a month ago in a large tub on my roof terriced, its about a metre high. I have just noticed some of the lower leaves are turning black and on closure inspection some have brown edges on the leaves



Hi Swalk are you watering and feeding regularly? Clematis prefer their feet to be cool so if the tub is in full sun all day then the plant isn't going to be too happy.

22 May, 2009



Thanks for your reply

Im feeding with liquid tomato feed with the designated amount of water once a week, also watering when the soil looks dry. All last weekend and the begining of this week it rained alot. Is this the right feed to use ? I read some were that some top clematis grower uses this. The plant is in partial shade most of the day. It was looking very health with plenty of flower buds forming. It still looks ok other than the starting of some of the leaves having the brown edge and a few going totally black.

22 May, 2009


Have you had a lot of strong winds recently? They too could have burnt the leaves... Sounds as if you are doing all the right things by the clematis

22 May, 2009


yes was a bit windy well gusty, but my terriced is sunk between roofs on three sides, but I supose it does wip up on there. I keep hearing about Clamatis droop and was woundering if it was that, no idea what it looks like. Also I have just read Clamatis ar enot a plant for beginers oops, but could not resist as this one has deep ruby flowers and hopping it will cover the chimney stack (un used one) one day it is up against

22 May, 2009

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